Are You Content with Your Content?

Are you content with your content?⁣ ⁣ One profitable way to get content with your content is to create and publish content everyday.⁣ ⁣ You’ll get comfortable with it, then you’ll get good at it, and then you’ll get profitable with it.⁣ Getting Comfortable with It Listen, I get it… Creating content looks like work.…

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3 Video Sales Letters & Video Scripts Mistakes That Spell Doom For Every Online Entrepreneur

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If you’re serious about wanting to create more sales and subscribers, then here are 3 mistakes (and how to avoid them) you need to know. Mistake #1: Believing That Creating Video Sales Letter Is Really Hard  If you want to be a successful online entrepreneur, then hear this: creating a video sales letter looks hard when it’s really…

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Content Creation Secret #3: Create An “I’ve Got To Have That Now!” Compelling Call To Action

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The core idea online entrepreneurs need to grasp with this secret is creating a clear and attractive way with your content for your prospect to take their next success step, and take it with you! You always, always, always, want to give them another way to engage you, a way to invest with you, or both..

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List Building: The Secret “Cave Man” Psychology

Following is the slightly and lightly edited transcript from the webinar video below: The secret “cave man” psychology of why this always works What you see above is a nice little graphic from Pixabay. It’s a cave drawing that speaks to why this always works because this psychological dynamic is as true today as it…

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Content Conversion Secrets – 3 Big Profit Sucking Call to Action Mistakes (And What To Do Instead)

“What’s a Call to Action?” a new member asked me recently. “It’s where you ask your prospect to take their next success steps after you’ve delivered great content” “Oh, you’re supposed to do that?” Oh my… YES! You are supposed to have a Call to Action at the end of your content. Your prospect wants…

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Content Conversion Secrets – The Content Conversion Mindset (And Why You Need It Now!)

article marketing, blogging, jeff herring

Profitable content conversion is how you create more prospects and profits for your online business. And you do want more prospects and profits for your online business, right? Don’t just create content Creating content is a must have skill for success online. At the same time, you want to get your content to convert into…

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Practical Article Marketing Tips – 7 Powerful Benefits of Article Marketing You Might Not Know

Do you know how powerful a simple little tool like article marketing can be? Read on to discover just how powerful this approach can be with these seven powerful benefits of article marketing. 7 Powerful Benefits 1. Makes the internet doable for the average person – There are five factors you must master to be successful…

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