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My name is Jeff Herring and I help content creators become content profiters. I'll show you how to turn the content you already have and  the new content you create into several kinds of profitable digital products. Let's get started building your profitable content empire!
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Get 21 Income Streams from One Article

A step-by-step guide to convert articles and blog posts into profitable digital products


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Make your content creation easy with fill-in-the-blank templates and short cuts.

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Repurpose your articles into
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What would it be like to create multiple streams of income
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  •  This is where content creators become content profiters
  •  Mondays and Thursdays at 4 p.m. ET we work with someone just like you to repurpose your articles into profitable digital products.
  •  And YOU can be on the show!


  •  37+ Fill in the Blanks Templates for articles, videos, product creation, and more!
  •  A growing library of courses designed to help you create profit with your content. A brand new course just about every month.
  •  A supportive community where you can ask questions and get support.
  •  A monthly training on repurposing your content into profit.
  •  A monthly Q&A session to get all your questions answered.

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