I'll Convert Your Article or Blog Post
into a Profitable Course

in 20 Minutes or Less!

And I do solemnly swear that no pixie dust or even a magic wand will be used in the creation of your profitable course

Three times a week I sit down with my special guest and together we repurpose your article, blog post, or low price product into profitable digital products that lead to a New Digital Empire!

Here's how it happens:

Over my 17 years online I've developed a special ability to look at an article and see multiple profitable digital products and even a New Digital Empire!

On The Content Profit Show we spend up to 20 minutes outlining your profitable digital course and New Digital Empire from your content in front of a live audience.

Then we spend the next up to 20 minutes, just you and me, reviewing your next success steps.

 And then you'll receive the following promotion:

  • The LiveStream resides on The Content Profit Show site and goes to YouTube and other video hosting sites. You get a copy to promote in whatever way you wish
  • Repurposed into a PodCast residing on The Content Profit Show site and goes to the big podcasting sites like Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Medium, and other leading podcast hosting sites. You get a copy to promote in whatever way you wish
  • Articles, videos, and podcasts on Medium
  • Email & Social Media Promotion to my audience and your audience
  • Daily On Demand Webinars featuring your appearance on The Content Profit Show
  • Plus other powerful promotion
  •  In other words, my team and I are gonna promote you BIG TIME before, during, and after the show!!


Invest just $97 today and get the Super Bonus of ALL my Genius Templates ($497 Value) PLUS all the future Genius Templates.

Before you make your investment in yourself below, let's put this in perspective:

If you were to hire me to work with you one on one to review your content and help you create a profitable digital product, we'd start at $1,000 for an hour of my time!

There are podcasters out there who charge up to $3500 for a guest spot on their show!

Instead you get the guest spot on the show, our pre and post show 1-on-1,

and a ridiculous amount of promotion as listed above,

plus ALL my Genius Templates for only:

Your Guest Appearance on
The Content Profit Show

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