Practical Article Marketing Tips – 3 Reasons You Might Not Want to Get Tons of Traffic From Articles

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I can think of only three reasons you might not want to get tons of traffic from your article marketing. Read on to discover if any of these apply to you. Here are the facts – When you get your articles on EzineArticles you will expose your information to tons of traffic. This place receives…

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List Building Mistake Number 3 – Failing to List the Benefits of Opting in on Your Opt-In Page

When you are list building your opt-in page must have clear benefits listed for joining your list community. It has to pass the “who cares” test, because a person’s coming to this page and they’re considering trading their email address for something. So they’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?” 4 important questions you must…

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List Building Mistake Number 2 – Having the Opt-In Box Out of Sight Below the Fold

One of the biggest mistakes in List Building is having the opt-in box below the fold on your opt-in page. Now what the heck does that mean, below the fold? It’s on the second of half of something. Picture a newspaper and it’s usually folded. The front page is folded so everything below that fold…

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List Building Mistake 1 – Having Too Many Options on Your Opt-In Page

The biggest mistake I see people make in list building is having too many options on their opt-in page. Your goal is to build your list with email addresses of people with live heads and live hearts eager to learn from you and do business with you. So many online entrepreneurs go to all the…

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Content Marketing Questions – How Do I Turn My Articles Into Good Give-Aways For List Building?

Do you know how to turn your article into great give away info products to build your list? You will when you read and use this article. Q: You mentioned bundling an 8-part mini guide centered around a 7-point article. This is a great idea. Can you offer any other ideas for free giveaways to be…

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Practical Article Marketing Tips – Do You Write & Market to Interests, Passions Or Problems?

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Do you direct your articles to the interests that people have, the passions that people have or the problems that people have? This distinction can make all the difference in the response you get to your marketing. Let’s take a closer look at the difference in marketing to interests vs. problems. Marketing to interests So…

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Practical List Building Tips – Discover 2 Mistakes You Must Avoid & What to Do Instead

Some of the biggest list building mistakes are the ones I see happen on the opt-in page. Let’s take a closer look at two of them and what to do instead. Having vague instructions about what to do Here are some fairly clear instructions I often use:  “Simply enter your name and email address.” What you’ve got…

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