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                  Multiple Streams of Article Income for Content Creators

                                                                 Content Creators! Ready to become a Content Profiter?

Today you’re going to discover how content creators can create multiple streams of income with your articles.

The big problem I see is so many content creators with a great message struggling to create a profit.

I’m out to change all that by showing you how to create multiple streams of article income so you can create the business and lifestyle you would create if you only knew how.

Here are 5 great ways to do it

Medium Partner Program: The Medium Partner Program pays you for your articles once you have 100 followers. You’re paid for the amount of “reading time” on your articles.

You may make $10 a month or 10K as some have done. Either way, you are getting paid to build your traffic and your list community.

My monthly Medium payment goes onto a special debit card I use for fun and continuing education.

I wonder how you’ll use yours…

Short Ebooks: My very first ebook, “Beat theBozos: How to Successfully Deal with Difficult People without Becoming One Yourself” was simply 5 articles on the topic of dealing with difficult people. Put it together in just a few hours. Sold my first one for $17 within the first hour after launch.

Changed my life. Because I remember thinking:

“The next step is to sell more of these and create more digital products”
Can it change yours too?

1 Pagers: 1 Pagers can be workshops, mini-classes, courses, and a monthly deliverable in a membership program. It might look something like this:

Video Intro: link
Article: link
Video Training: link
Checklist: link
Next Success Steps: link

All based on one of your articles.

Courses: Convert a “3 Steps” article into a 3 Module Course with a video, article, and checklist for each module. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Consider creating a course a month, or some other regular interval, and each one becomes an evergreen source of income.


Sharon Kinnier is one of my members who turned her articles into an Essential Oils membership program. She delivers 2 “Formula Cards” a month on how to use a specific type of essential oils, along with a monthly Q&A session. Check it out here

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You’re also going to love the upcoming course called “Content Profit Explosion: From Article to EmpireCheck it out here.

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