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In Episode 9 our special guest in Cap't Jim Palmer the Dream Business Coach.

Jim's will have you believing you can start your own lucrative virtual mastermind when he fills in the blanks for the question above...

Watch or listen as we convert Moira's article into a profitable 3 pronged empire.

Listen and watch as Melva and I repurpose her article into an entire business that gives a relationship coach an entire business of passive income.

Listen and watch as I turn a 3 part article into and mini-workbook and a course 🙂

Watch as we convert an article into an Enook/Mini-Class Hybrid

How to go from zero to profitable with your content!

How to choose the best articles to convert into course

The audience chooses from 3 articles that are doing well

Jeff converts the chosen article into a 3 module course

Tom Antion is an online multi-millionaire and my first and ongoing online mentor and a good friend.

Join Tom and me as Tom talks about converting your content into cash with memberships and ebooks, and even email.

“The Content Profit Show” is all about how to make money with your articles, videos, audios, and other content. I’ve yet to meet the article I couldn’t flip into a profitable digital info-product 🙂

Our first episode will feature guest and member Sharon Kinnier as we convert her article into a recurring income membership. And we’ll do it all LIVE!

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