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21 Income Streams from One Article

Let’s jump right into 21 ways to make money with each and every article:

  1. Medium: For every article, you publish on Medium you have the opportunity through their Partner Program to be paid for the number of visitors to your article and the amount of time each visitor spends on your article.
  2. Medium Unlisted: You can choose to make your article unlisted and only those with the link will be able to see it. Charge a small fee for access to this “deeper content.” (All done without your own website 🙂
  3. Action Articles: Add to the end of your article 3–5 “action questions” designed to get your reader into action over your article. I sold these for $7 an Action Article right on my website when I first started out.
  4. Workbooks: Take that Action Article and add space for your reader to answer and journal about the action questions.
  5. eBooks: Expand one article or bundle a few articles, convert into a pdf, and sell them as ebooks right on your website.
  6. Kindle Books: Similar to ebooks but now you are selling them on Amazon and reaching millions of potential customers. Price them between $2.99 and $9.99 and get paid 70% from Amazon.
  7. Short Books: Did you know you can convert one article into a 1–3 page short book, or expand one article into a 10-page short book?
  8. Traditional Books: The Kindle program now allows you to convert your article(s) into traditional books. Pro Tip: You’ll need 40 pages for your book to have a spine.
  9. Paid Webinar: Convert your article into a webinar and charge for it. You already have your webinar script written.
  10. Paid Podcast: Convert your article into a podcast and charge for it. You already have your podcast script written.
  11. LiveCast Tips: Go live on Facebook and charge for it. When the pandemic first hit in the spring of 2020, the band known as Sugarcane Jane, husband and wife team Savannah and Anthony Crawford, had to cancel all their concerts. This was their main form of income. So they took to Facebook Live and did nightly shows from their at-home studio. For each show, they had a “virtual tip jar” where viewers could “tip” whatever they wanted. Here’s the super cool part: they made more money doing this than they would have made on the road. Why not do the same with your articles?
  12. Paid Video: Create a short video training and charge for it. Remember, you already have your video script.
  13. Daily Show: I’ve got this one scheduled to launch in the spring. Create an article a day or use one from your past articles. Go live for a few minutes each day to present “the show” version of your article. Remember, you’ve already got the show script with your article. Charge a small monthly fee for access to the show.
  14. Mini-Course: When you create your content in “chunks” (3 tips, 3 mistakes, etc) it’s very easy to create a mini-course from each article. Each tip becomes a mini-module and the content is already created.
  15. Course: Expand each mini-course module into a larger module with:
    * Video
    * Transcripts
    * Checklists
    * Templates
    * Q&A
  16. eCourse: Deliver your mini-course or course one section at a time over a few days or weeks. One of my first digital products was called “Multiple Streams of Article Income.” Members got an email a week with a homework assignment. When complete they emailed me the homework and I coached them on it by email.
  17. Membership Site: My buddy Mike Stewart has the “2 Buck Theme Club.” I once had the “10 Buck Template Club.” How about the “Article a [time period] Club” and charge a monthly fee?
  18. Challenge: Create a paid 5-day challenge in which your members complete one task from your article each day. This is also a great free or fee list builder!
  19. Mentor Program: When you create articles with the 3 Pillars Custom Genius Template you can easily grow it into a mentor program, providing regular content and training from each pillar.
  20. Speaking: Remember, you already have the script for your talk. There are 3 ways to get paid here:
    1) Charge a fee for your speech
    2) Sell your resources from stage 
    3) Or Both!
  21. Newspaper Column: This is how I got started. A weekly relationship column in the newspaper for which I was paid a whopping $25 an article. But I was getting paid to market my relationship coaching practice.

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