All the Content – All the Time [success formula enclosed]

So I recently delivered this 5 step formula over on Instagram.

This is a good one when you want a regular flow of all the good and wholesome stuff online 🙂

5 Step Formula

💫Create content today – Consistent content creation allows you to play at a level where the competition doesn’t even know there’s a game going on.

We’re not talking a giant piece of content either. Think “micro-content value drops.” Blog post, Facebook update, Instagram post, Pinterest pin, quick video… you get the idea.

☀️Publish it – Yeah, it doesn’t do much good sitting in your computer. Drop that perfectionism and get it out there. Send it. Ship it. Publish it.

🌀Repurpose it – I don’t consider my content creation done until I’ve repurposed it at least once. In fact, we’re doing a Results Now MasterClass! on Repurposing this week,

For now, just publish it in one other other place, in one other form, or both.

📆Repeat tomorrow – Then do it again tomorrow…

❓Any questions❓ – Drop your questions and comments in the comments below and I’ll respond before my head hits the pillow tonight 🙂

And to make it even easier for you, how about 21 Fresh Content Ideas to get you started?

Here you go:

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