3 Profitable Tips for Facebook Live Casts

3 Insider Tips for Cashing In on Your Facebook Live Casts:

Facebook Live Casts are a great way to engage your community, grow your list community, and make more sales.

I see more and more people using Facebook Live, but very few of them know how to monetize this important medium.

So here are 3 “undercover” ways to monetize your Facebook Live Casts:

1) The Intro Tip

“For those of you here for the first time…”

To watch a very brief video about the Intro Tip simply click on albino smurf with microphone to the left or click here

This introduction introduces a resource under the radar…

Here’s an example of what I say near the beginning of every live cast”

“For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jeff Herring and I help online entrepreneurs just like you unleash, package, promote, and cash in on your content.

And I’m the co-creator along with Mike Stewart of LiveVideoSecrets.com, the first and most up to date training on how to profit with live casts.”

The simple mention of one of your products in your intro does the trick.

2) The Accomplice Tip

To watch a very brief video about the Accomplice Tip simply click on the guy to the left or click here

You can have someone prepared in advance, or you can ask one of you viewers to add, right in the chat stream, the links you happen to mention

Your viewers are typically happy to do this because they get to be a part of the show.

And you make sure your links are seen live during your show.


3) The Show Notes Tip
To watch a very brief video about the Show Notes Tip simply click on the wise old owl to the left or click here

After the show, you’ll want to add in the chat and in your description the following:

“Links & Resources Mentioned on the Show:

1) A resource link

2) An opt in link

3) A product or resource link”

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