Article Marketing & List Building – Half My List Was Built With These 5 Powerful, Repeatable Steps

checklistWARNING: This article should only be read by those you want a simple, powerful and repeatable 5 step process to building a highly qualified and hyper-responsive list of gold. If this is you, then read on.

Because that’s what Article Marketing provides, a repeatable process for building a great list community.

Simple and repeatable 5 step process

For years now, while adapting to the ever changing Internet, I’ve followed this 5 steps. Here they are in a nutshell:

Step One – Your Article – Pick a specific topic in your niche and create a great quality article or series of articles around that topic. Make sure the article is good enough to represent you well on the Internet, contains at least one gold nugget of actionable information, helps the reader to know, like and trust you, and leaves them wanting more information from you.

Step Two – Your Resource Box – In your the Resource Box of your article, create a clear “call to action” that invites the reader to get more information from you in exchange for their email address. Make sure what you are offering is related to the article they just read and is a sample of a resource the reader can invest in later on.

Step Three – Your Opt-In Page – The links in your Resource Box should lead your prospect to an opt-in page. Make sure the benefits and instructions about why and how to opt-in are clear. And here is a tip that most people mess up, so don’t be one of them. Have only one choice on the page. Opt-in or leave. Save all your other links for your follow up.

Speaking of which…

Step Four – Your Follow-Up – I’ll say it this way straight from the beginning:

Your fortune and your future are in the follow-up

Most people do not follow up. So when you do, you are setting yourself apart from most people and positioning yourself well as the leader of your list community. Follow up with additional tips and tools. Follow up with additional resources. Another name for resources is products and services. Yes, offering your products and services is a form of follow up, because your products and services help your customers achieve their goals.

Step Five – Your “Care” of Your List Community – You may have noticed I have used the phrase “list community” a few times in this article. That’s how I think of my list members. As a community that trusts me and I am called to lead. Part of my job is to take really good care of them. One way you can do this is to answer there questions and then ask them questions about what they want to to know.

And always remember:

When you take great care of your list community they will take great care of you

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