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One of the first things I was ever taught about the Internet was the following quote:

“Don’t chase after traffic. Find out where
the traffic is going and get in front of it!”

This was never more true than in leveraging the Resource Box in your articles on – the Resource Box drives traffic from your articles to wherever you want to send it. gets over 30 million unique visitors a month. The following article connects the dots on how to turn your Article Resource Box into your Ultimate Traffic Tool.

Practical Article Marketing – Leveraging Your Article Resource Box As the Ultimate Traffic Tool

Article Marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your web sites and blogs if you know what you are doing in your Resource Box.

If you don’t know what you are doing though, you can end up wasting your time and making a mess of things.

At the end of every article is an extra section called the Resource Box, or sometimes called the Author Bio. The goal of your article is to give your prospect good actionable information that leads them right into this little section of text where you can include links back to your web sites and blogs.

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  • This was THE very first thing I learned from you – an EASY and extremely valuable way to build your list on auto-pilot!

  • Article marketing is a striking online presence strategy but only if you
    pay attention to the key steps you have to take and make sure that your
    thrust stands out to give you the target results you are out to get.It
    does not matter whether you are an experienced ‘webber’ or a newbie.
    The fact is that article marketing is about content quality and consistency.
    These are the two pillars of ensuring success through online ” target=”_blank”> Article Marketing

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    Thanks for your discussion about article resource box…I do agree that it's a lot more easier way to get a good traffic to your site just using a link in to the resource box.

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