Your Content: It’s NOT All About YOU!

I see so much content out there, whether it’s a video, Facebook live like this, an article, a blog post, that’s all about whoever is creating the content. It’s all about them.

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Folks, if you do that, fine.

If you never want any engagement, if you never want any interaction, if you never want any people in your community, and you never want any sales.

Now, if you want the opposite of that, if you want sales, engagement, community, value, all that kind of stuff, your content is about them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.32.49 AMYour content is about the reader, the viewer, the listener, the watcher, whatever.

Make it about them. Make sure you’re helping them, not talking all about you and your accomplishments and I did this and I did that and if only you were like me you’d be wonderful.

Don’t do that.

Give them a good gold nugget of information, actionable information, that they can use right away.

Make it about them and good things will happen. They’ll do well and when they want to do more well, they’ll come back to you.
Your content is all about them.

That’s one of 7 universal laws for profitable content creation.

You can get the rest over at

Look for the article on 7 Universal Laws for Profitable Content Creation.

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