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Here’s your 7 Tips Instant Content Creation Template! Be sure to check out the 3 steps, the template itself, the suggested titles and then the example as well.
How to Craft 7 Tips Content3 Steps1. Choose a specific topic in your niche2. Make a list of 7 tips or suggestions you would offer a prospect.3. Add 2-3 lines of explanation for each tip. Shoot for about 60 words a tip…


Title – Keywords – Benefits – Keywords
Intro paragraph
Second most powerful tip Rest of tips


Most powerful tip

Resource Box


Suggested Titles

Relationship Advice – The Top 7 Ways to Revive Your Relationship

Master Gardening – 7 Things to Do Know to Make Your Spring Garden a Hit

Healthy Eating – 7 Foods You Want to Avoid at All Costs in a Healthy Diet



Article Marketing Secrets – 7 Re-purposing Ideas Generated from One 300 to 500 Word Article

You can write one article and just move on from there. Or you can take that one article and grow and shift it into many different forms and deliver it to many different people. Here are seven different ways to use just one article. 1. A Signature Speech – You can turn just about any article into a public presentation. One of my articles about driving my one year old son around at 4 am in the morning, trying to get him to sleep, wearing just a t-shirt and underwear (me) and getting pulled over by the police turned into my keynote speech “Life Lessons Learned in My Underwear.” 2. A TeleSeminar – Take the teaching points of your article and talk about them on a teleseminar. Now they have read your words and heard your voice. 3. An eBook – A seven tip article can quickly become a seven chapter ebook. Just expand each tip into a chapter.

4. An eMail – Use your article as an email to your list members. You are providing value for free.

5. An Audio CD – You can turn your teleseminar into an audio CD or simply speak your article and record it.

6. A Booklet – A booklet is the first product I ever sold on the internet. Take one article and expand on it or collect several articles into one booklet. Makes a great giveaway or business card.

7. A Mini-Guide – Expand your article into a ten or twenty page mini-guide that shows the reader how to do something. Sell it for ten to twenty dollars.

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