[VIDEO] Article Marketing (Content Creation) & Writer’s Block (or, “why have something that does not exist?”)

I think you’ll enjoy this video on Content Creation & “Writer’s Block” and what to have instead…

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  • Love it! No, I definitely have never had “speaker’s block” though I wish sometimes I would have “Eater’s block” 😉 particularly when 9 year old Caleb brings me a sugary present…

  • Cindy Brock

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    Kudos! So true! (Food block – LOL – if only!) I have found that my “writer’s block” is generally because I am trying to focus on too many things at one time. I end up with so many topics to choose from, that I write nothing. On the flip side, I have the occasional idea awaken me at 3 AM, yet don’t have the ability to move it to paper fast enough.

    My solution to overcome my writer’s block (yeah, yeah – which doesn’t exist) has been two-fold:

    (1) I always carry a note pad with me (even into a restroom) and write down the main idea I want to convey in an article, post, etc.

    (2) I call my cell phone and leave myself pretty much the same information.

    My friends often say that I’m the only person they know who can talk to a tree and get it to talk back. Maybe I should turn to the trees the next time I need some inspiration to overcome my WRITER’S BLOCK!

  • Barbara Hawkins

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    I so agree Jeff! Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. I’m sure some people will give it consideration, throw off the shackles of a disabilitiy that exists only as a belief and flex their fingers. May the writing begin…and continue!
    Better & Better,

  • Chris

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    Simplicity in itself again! It always amazes me how we can all create a multitude of obstacles to stop us doing something and in reality there is only one – Ourselves!


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