So what is your favorite scene and message from this video?

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  • Two parts really. From Rocky movie where life will beat you down but you got to be able to take the hits and get back up and keep going. The problem is so many of us get hit so hard we do look for someone else to blame.. Winning has to become a habit or you will let life take what is rightly yours away from you. If you don’t believe in you, no else will.
    Thanks Jeff for the video.. I think you do amazing Sunday Inspiratioin and I really look forward to seeing them..
    Kim Snyder

  • Kris

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    I watched this on Monday morning. What a great video and reminder of going after what u really want!! Thank u for the inspiration!

    • Hi Kris!

      So glad you got your Monday off to a great start – I appreciate you!

      ~ Jeff

  • Jean Paul

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    Wow! What a wake up call… 28000 days. How many you got left?

  • Master Article Marketer

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    WOW! Powerful video with a few great movie clips in it. I love the “Pursuit of Happiness” and the “Coach Carter” clips. Those are two of my favorite movies and both very powerful in their own ways.

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