When Twitter Marketing Goes Horribly Wrong – How to Mess it Up and How to Do it Right

twitter logoTwitter is a great way to quickly connect with others, create huge online visibility, drive traffic,. and even market and make sales.

The problem is so many people mess up their Twitter marketing from the beginning. The good news here is that makes it easy for you to stand out when you do it right.

Let’s take a closer look at how to mess up your Twitter marketing and then how to do it right.

How to Mess It Up

Market right out of the gate – So many marketers get on Twitter and begin to market right away. Big mistake, and a great way to get ignored. Imagine going to a party or some other social gathering and beginning to marketing as soon as you walk in. What do you think would happen? How do you think you would be perceived? Do you think you would be listened to? Again, big mistake and a great way to get ignored.

Send silly DMs – Sending someone a Corona or the latest update on your Mafia Wars…most people’s only response is to ignore you at best, and unfollow you at worst. This is not being sociable. It is being annoying.

Monologue time – Social Marketing is all about conversation and connection. If all you do on Twitter is talk about yourself and announce what you are doing, this is a monologue and not a dialogue. Back to the party analogy again – what happens to someone like this at a party?

How to Do It Right

Be Sociable & Connecting – Connect with others on Twitter. Ask them questions. Have conversations. The web started out as one to one communication. Then it moved to one to many communication. Now we have evolved to many-to-may conversations. Join in. You can build a community and a tribe with lots and lots of benefits.

Be a Trusted Advisor – When you have established yourself as a sociable person and as someone who connects with other people, you will be asked questions about your expertise. Answer these questions and be helpful. When you become a trusted advisor you are that much closer to being seen as the thought leader or “go to person” in your area of expertise.

Be a Resource – Closely related to being a trusted advisor, being a resource allows you to offer information to those in your community. These resources come in three forms: information you have gained from others that you can share, free information that is yours that you can share to help someone out, and information that can help someone out that you share for a fee.

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