When Do You Stop Learning?

bill glazer, maritza parra, jeff herring, glazer-kennedyFor a good part of the 80’s I helped run an adolescent drug rehab program. Every day was a crash course in learning.

One of my roles was to supervise interns from my former graduate program.

We hired one intern as a staff member, and the Monday after he graduated he came waltzing in all happy to be done with grad school and announced: “I’m not reading another book for at least a year!” To which I responded: “Not if you are going to work here…”

Learning is life long. Beware the person who thinks they know it all and has no more to learn. Even if they are at the top of their field. Because they will not remain on top for long with that attitude.

So I was surprised that some people were surprised that Maritza and I planned to spend a half day with Bill Glazer of the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle in Baltimore. Sure it involved traveling. Sure it involved a fee. But if you are going to continue to serve those that learn from you, it’s my belief that you must be dedicated to constantly learning and improving, or you are misleading those who follow you.

We had a great time with Bill, who has an incredible ability to take many different directions and focus them into one incredible plan…

And no, a black shirt was not required clothing for the day!

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