What's Your #1 Article Writing Challenge?

I’ve got an important question that I invite your answers to – please comment below.

Here’s the question: “Since you know that Article Marketing works, what is your #1 challenge that keeps you from writing more articles about your expertise?”

Your answers in the comments section below will help me craft my message and create resources to get you past the challenges!



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  • Dear Jeff,

    I think for me, one of the biggest questions is balance. And I realize as you asked us this question, i’m not good at using my blog effectively. i tend to think of my blog and my articles as two entirely separate things. there are times in this web-preneur thing, that i feel like the plate guy on Ed Sullivan, always trying to keep things spinning (while working and maintaining a life). As all of us, I know.

    I get the connection between product and articles… while i’m not getting things done as rapidly as I’d like, i’m making the connection… bundle some articles, add a couple ritual activities, presto, change-o, i’ve got a wedding resource book, or a work book…

    but i realize my blog isn’t tied in. i have a couple blog threads, but it’s all about weddings, so what am i missing?

    p.s. this blog series is fabulous. i’ve been thinking audio next, but the video is really fun. and the length is great.

  • Finding the time to write can sometimes be a challenge. After working all day, sometimes spending considerable time ghostwriting for others, I find I’m not so enthusiastic about writing for myself. I am planning to change this starting next month with scheduling a couple hours each weekend, early in the morning to just focus on my own projects. I especially like writing on Sundays which I find to be my most peaceful day of the week.

  • Cathy

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    I’ve got several challenges. One being time. I love writing but when I start, I get so into it, hours can go by before I realize it and then I have gotten nothing else done all day. As a polymer clay artist, most of my time should be going towards piece work production, not writing.
    Also, I don’t feel an expertise at anything that would be intersting for anyone else. So I tend to be all over the board with topics, most which have nothing to do with my business. I make Christmas ornaments and there’s only so much you can talk about in that area.

  • I think keeping interested and stimulated is a challenge for me. I do get motivated by targets and goals but they can be difficult to measure. For example, having a set number of articles published on EzineArticles. Then I reach that target, and it’s kind of “OK, great! So now what?”

    Once you have a certain body of work online and you see new subscribers coming in from that, whether you write new articles or not, it’s difficult to measure how much extra you get from writing new articles, so the motivation can slip. Classic mistake I know, but doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to most (all?) of us…

  • Jeff-

    The “F” word is probably my biggest challenge. And it’s not the word your thinking about! It’s not FEAR. Its FOCUS. I had written several articles that had not gotten approved through Ezine Articles. After listening to one of your teleseminars (Jim and Judy’s) I had an “ah ha” moment and realized why.

    I have since rewritten these articles and more but have not submitted them (little fear there too) I have it on my to do list every day but never cross it off.

    My biggest challenge is Focus. Information overload makes it really easy to find myself going in too many directions at once that don’t get me to the place I want to be.

    I know Article Marketing works and your info is both educational and motivational, now to get I just need to find a way to conquer the challenge of getting focused and staying focused.

    Thanks for everything you put out there!


  • Steve "Stunning" Shannon

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    My challenge is that I prefer communicating (writing and teleclassiing) with my clients instead of “faceless” readers though I save everything, have a virtual assistant who provides a faithful executive summary (world class by the way) of every one hour teleclass.

    For me it is folding (blending) in “every morning” physical exercises, article writing, delayed e-mail writing, planning teleclasses, and candidly not being locked indoors at my desk and computer and phone for hours on end.

    You and Connie are doing a great job of getting me off and running. It’s now my responsibility to apply what you and Connie have and are teaching me.

    Corny but true. I need to JUST DO IT!

    Thanx for asking,
    Stephen Q “Stunning” Shannon
    Delray Beach FL

  • Bill Urell

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    Hi Jeff,

    I look forward to meeting you at the Bridging Heart and Marketing Seminar in L.A.,and saying thanks. For what? I increased my click through rate from 1-2% to 14-26%. I also took a couple ideas you presented, applied my own skewed logic, added a twisted twist and increased my autority site redaership by 20%.

    Ok, now that I have buttered you up, here is the simple answer to your question.


    Conventional wisdom (and mass submission sites) say your article needs to be 500-750 words. That takes time. That was in addition to my daily blog posts, and link building, I virtually never miss a daily posting. Double work. Here are the points you teach that I strung together in my own way.

    1. Ezinearticles is the king.(I knew that, I taught article submission – but for links only, BUT Ezinearticles only requires 250 words, that significant piece, you taught me. Aha sez I, that is the size of a blog post, which is simple for me to write. old thinking – blog post+lengthy article hard. New thinking, blog post=article, easy.

    2. You say write the article right in the Ezinearticle submission box… I said what if I create my daily blog post there? Sumit the article, cut and paste into my blog. 2 Purposes, same time. 2nd ‘Aha’

    3. Duplicate content – I fell better having heard you ‘rant’.lol. I know I have nothing to fear.

    4. I monitor my click through rate (you teach that) at EzineArticles, and when I have a hot one, + 20% I submit it through a mass submitter.

    5. You teach repurposing – I took an idea, worked out a ‘system’ and each article, I now turn into 8 unique blogs with links pointing elsewhere in my network, which are then bookmarked at about 20 sites like Stumble, De.lico.us and so on. about 160 links/day. Oh total time invested with my ‘twist’…15 minutes.

    6. Now if I had a backlog of 1,000 articles and an outsourced assistant…that’s a big network and a lot of links.

    Hope this helped,

    Bill Urell

  • Bill Urell

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    I put those spelling errors in to keep you guys on your toes.

  • Teresa

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    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for asking this question because I frequently ask it of myself.

    The first answer I have for you came to my mind in record speed — I don’t have my area of expertise yet. I seem to be one of those people that know something about a lot of things but not someone who has focused their passion yet. (I have an area I’m passionate about but haven’t figured out my way into a business around it. It’s too lengthy to go into here).

    My second answer is simply about finding the time. After being on the computer all day working — my eyes and enthusiasm are waning.

    Thanks again…

  • Terry Mazzer

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    G’day Jeff,

    For me it’s procrastination, procrastination, procrastination because I’m trying to be perfect, perfect,perfect…

    I can find the time and have the topics….my drafted articles are too long and need to be cut down…usually 500-650 words.

    Thanks for asking.

    Terry Mazzer
    The ‘Raising Smart Rich Kids’ Coach and Mentor
    on the beautiful Gold Coast Australia

  • Sophie Hovdekorp

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    My biggest challenge is to take your excelent advice and templates and it in the concept of my business.

    Being new to internet marketing (less than a year) I have had to learn about the concept and finding the right ressources (sorting them from a loooot of crap)

    I also have had to rethink my web presence, so this has taken a lot of time away from actual writing.

    So basicly it is finding time and not getting overwhelmed from all the information and output from those I choose to listen to.

    Thanks for good and solid advice

    Sophie Hovdkorp
    Small business/women entrepeneurs coaching.

  • Hi Jeff,

    well I AM writing articles and publishing them, and I’m thrilled to say that I’m now on page 1 for my first name initial, but I’m still not writing as many as I’d like, and not as consistently. Sometimes, there’s almost a month between batches of articles.

    I think there are two things:

    1. I still have a bit of that scholarly mentality, that I shouldn’t be repeating myself too much. How many articles can I write about my subject without giving away the whole thing (uh-oh… that’s scarcity mentality, isn’t it). Or becoming repetitious.

    2. And the other one is that while I’m getting readers and click-throughs, and I do get quite a few visitors from my articles, I’m still not making much if any money from them, which is demotivating.

    Having just listened to one of your turbo mentorship tapes last night though, I think I know where the bug is though, so I’m going to try to fix it…

    Love the videos by the way!


  • Martha Rather

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    My biggest challenge is information overload coupled with desire to finish my e-book that becomes my product. The book is almost finished. I guess it feels somehow wrong to write about it before it is finished — even though you deny that.

    I really do want to do everything at once. Perhaps what would be most helpful to me is knowing what should be prioritized in what order. You know what the other tasks are. I am totally amazed at how much you accoomplish.

    How do you do it? Please tell me it will be better when my book is finished.

    The videos are getting better. Nice smile.


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