Whatever It Takes Attitude: Overcoming Obstacles

What does my old softball team have to do with my success as a public speaker and overcoming obstacles? Watch and learn…

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Jeff Herring

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  • Julia

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    Jeff, I’m just beginning my journey to become my own boss and I’d like to thank you for sharing your stories with us and letting me know how real you are – that it’s not all perfect but you have to get over the bumps and obstacles any way you can. I appreciate it.

    • Jeff Herring

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      Thanks Julia. Keep us up to date on your journey to be your own boss…

      ~ Jeff

  • Jeff,

    Thank you for this really important suggestion. I have noticed that some people get to know everybody, circulate, invite others, show an interest in others – and their business thrives. Being more of an introvert, I enjoy writing and one on one sessions with clients and couples. But once I am out there among people and reaching out and involved and interested, I also enjoy that. I appreciate your authenticity.



    • Jeff Herring

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      Thanks Erica! I appreciate you…

      Sounds like we are much the same…Tho I have done the extrovert role for so long now, I wonder if I have actually switched styles…The good news is I enjoy both, can get energized by both…

      ~ Jeff

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