Whatever It Takes Attitude: No Matter What!

Well, it is Wednesday morning which means…Wednesday Morning Inspiration! Do you have Whatever It Takes (WIT) to get past any obstacle in your personal and professional life and ultimately succeed?

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  • Great story, thanks for sharing. I think we all have the ability to get past the obsticles that come our way, and it is the attitude that helps drive that action. I just experienced something in my professional life that was an obstacle and it took a awhile to ‘get over myself’ about it. Once I did, I caught great energy and a robust thought process helped me to find that sweet spot of productivity again.

    • Great job getting past your obstacle and finding your groove again, Alison. It doesn’t feel easy getting through those things, but it does get easier next time you have to navigate through them because you’ve done WIT!

  • Well done Jeff. You certainly hit home with that one with Father’s Day on Sunday. Father’s Day is painful for me as Father’s Day 1989 was the VERY LAST time I saw my father alive. He died two weeks later on a ship coming back from a trip to Bermuda. There is a message in here somewhere…


  • Sorry to write twice and take up so much room, but… I AM LEARNING… There IS a lesson and/or message in everything, whether positive or negative. And it’s OK, to take time sometimes to figure it out! We are human beings and human beings are living, breathing, feeling creatures! It’s the action we take/what we do with that knowledge that is the real key!

    Hope this helps someone else,

    • Roz, you are doing AWESOME and thanks for sharing your own story about your dad. I hope this Father’s Day you remember all the wonderful blessings and things he taught you! I’m grateful to him for bringing you to this world! Love, Maritza

  • I love this post. After 15 years in business, one of the things that hasn’t changed is CHANGE itself, also known as obstacles or problems we have to overcome. And for me, how quickly and how well I overcome the obstacle depends on how willing I am to ask for help. This skill alone, the willingness to ask for help, and to then actually receive the help when it comes, has made the difference in my life.

    • Warren, fantastic point! You’re so right – the only constant is change and being able to ask for help when you need it is huge. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who are positive and solution-oriented! Thanks for sharing! Maritza
      PS What you do is so cool! Love the goldfish video on your site!

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