What was Your AHA! Moment at the NAMS 3 Workshop?

For 4 solid days, from Thursday night when we arrived to Monday evening after our bonus day, I watched the AHA! moments arrive for so many people. Some were little AHAs, when you saw the light go on in someone’s eyes, all the way to BIG GIANT AHAs that included jumping out of your seat!

Such a delight to watch.

And even more of a delight to watch was the one who too immediate action on their AHA! moments. “Waiting until you get home”had no meaning for these folks, as they began to implement right away.

So if you were one of the 180+ in attendance at NAMS 3 I invite you to comment here and share your AHA! moments and what you are doing with them.

And if you were not one of the action takers at NAMS 3, then I invite you to begin to make your plans now to be a part of NAMS 4 in Atlanta on August 20 – 23, 2010. I’ll let you know as soon as the registration page is open, and you can keep an eye out your self at the following link:


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  • Hey Jeff!
    Yes, a GRAND time was had by all! There were many phenomenal take-aways for me…sitting at the feet of and learning from powerful leaders who "get 'er done", feverishly typing Tweets for the first time ever, setting up my first WordPress blog and watching the traffic just "magically" appear from my first tiny steps online. But, for me, ironically, the most powerful "aha" was the affirmation that, even in internet marketing, it's still all about people. Having the ability to be face-to-face and form genuine, meaningful relationships with high integrity professionals was a treasure beyond measure for me in Atlanta.
    Thanks, Jeff, for all you and Maritza do to inspire so many. I look forward to future fun times…and I promise to continue to "bow down" to your brilliance as I did on first hearing you at NAMS3!!

  • Angie

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    Such a powerful weekend for me! I was the one who had the major breakthrough with video thanks to the first person I came in touch with the very first day and that was sweet Maritza. She really made an impact on me and I knew I was going to accomplish at least one of the two goals I came to NAMS with and I did. I truly overcame the videophobia and did a total of 7 videos while I was at NAMS (2 of those were test videos but the other 5 were either for my business or testimonials for others). It was scary and exciting all at the same time. So many people helped me overcome that fear last weekend I am so thankful because I was truly a mess. If you want to see one of the videos, I linked to it in my blog post from today http://losingitandlovingit.com/blog/1738/how-to-g… (the video is on Scott's blog)

    I'll have videos on my blog over the coming months though. 10 videos is my goal to get online before NAMS in Aug.

    The other AHA moment was how simple it was to get an article started in Ezine Articles. I still haven't completed that article and that was my other goal I came to NAMS with but I feel the 1st goal was huge so this is what I will work on this month. Thank you for such great FUN sessions. I really appreciate the time both you and Maritza took with me to help push me further to go for it. You both rock!

  • Two BIG Aha moments (and too many little ones to list):

    1. I know more than I thought I knew and am further along that I thought I was.
    2. Always Be Marketing (aka ABM) This was HUGE–knocked my socks off, as they say.

    Thank you Jeff. Thank you Maritza. You guys are awesome–just the best of the best!

    Thank you David Perdew. Thank you other teachers. Thank you new people I met and folks I got to see from NAMS2. I learned much from you. Lets meet again at NAMS4.

    It was indeed a grand and glorious party.

  • Kimmoy

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    My big A-ha moment was the grandiose potential of my niche. I learned how to provide more value to my audience by blogging more about my client experiences thanks to Diane, I learned how to generate passive income and build valuable relationship with merchants/affiliates in my niche by providing valuable resources from Lynn Terry, Sid Hale, and Kevin Riley.

    It was a great experience and I got so much out of NAMS. Please read and comment on my 1st NAMS experience http://www.thecurvycoach.com/2010/02/plus-size-bu

  • I made a last minute decision to come to NAMS3 while listening to a teleseminar with Jeff & Maritza. In fact, it was so last minute that I missed the whole first day in driving to Atlanta from Orlando (7 hours). I stayed an extra day for Jeff & Maritza’s bonus workshop.

    I found the instructors very accessible and approachable. All were very willing to share both from the stage and in the hallways. I saw attendees, just like me, “Just doing it!” => Making testimonial videos, creating joint ventures, tweeting to their followers about the conference, making their first online sales ever . . . it was an incredibly eye-opening adventure.

    I filled a spiral notebook with Aha! moments. Here are just a few:
    1. I can do this!
    2. I now have a small army of experts who are willing to help me succeed.
    3. My plan is sound.
    4. Success is a matter of working my plan.

    I was fortunate enough to be selected for the “Hotseat” at J & M’s Bonus Workshop. I’ve spent the last few days since the conference ended putting in place J & M’s many excellent recommendations — to great success. I’ll share more on their next SMB call.

    Thank you so very, very much, Jeff & Maritza!

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