What to Say on Facebook LIVE

At Last! What to Say (and what not to say) When You “Go Live!”

Facebook Live is a great way to get your content out to the world, build your list, and make more sales.

The number one question I get about using Facebook Live is:

“What do I say once I’m live?”

Well, since I’ve been using Facebook Live almost daily since it became available, I think I can help you with that question.

What not to say (or do)

But first, here are a few things not to say (or do):

“Am I live?”
 – If your camera has said “3, 2, 1” you are live.

Don’t just stare at the camera – remember, you’re live.

Don’t just sit there eating chips. Seriously?

Don’t pick your nose. C’mon dude. You’re live.

What to say

Welcome everyone – let them know you’re glad they are here. Thank them for joining you.



Introduce yourself
 – Let your viewers know who you are, the url of one of your products, and the topic you’re going to cover on your live cast.

Your Sponsor
 – What, you don’t have a sponsor? Sure you do. Use one of your opt-in pages. As in:

“Today’s show is sponsored by 21BlogPostIdeas.com, where you can get 21 profitable blog post and article ideas for free.”


Your Tip – Now you’re into the meat of your content. Make sure you share one small solution, one small tip, your viewer can use right away.


The Next Success Step  – Let your viewers know where they can go next to get more good tips from you – your blog, your opt-in page, your products.


Speaking of which, you can visit GoLiveSecrets.com for 3 live demos of how to “go live” on Facebook Live, plus Blab and Periscope. Get started here

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