What She Said REALLY Bothered Me

I had a brief online conversation with a colleague yesterday – and came away a bit shocked!

You see, I’ve been bringing you lots of good video stuff lately, the latest being the Simple Video Managment System

So this colleague said the reason she is not promoting it is that she wants to wait until the price doubles so she can get a bigger affiliate commission from her list…

Say what?

In other words she’s waiting for the price to go up so her members can pay MORE for it so she can get a BIGGER affiliate commission.

That really bothers me – I mean, as a member of my community, could you EVER see me doing that to you? I strive to bring you the best and take really good care of you – which is one reason you put up with and even look forward to all my crazy emails, right: -)

That’s why I’ve been bringing this to you NOW – cuz it will never be an easy $29 again – EVER – plus you get to be in my Exclusive super-private-secret Facebook Video Group – send your receipt after you come on board to Jeul@JeffHering.com and we’ll take care of the rest…

I just got an email from David Perdew, who had this powerful video plug-in created, and he’s wisely decided to change the name from “S3 Video Player” to what it really is and does:

Simple Video Managment System

You’ll NEVER have to pay monthly fees for an inferior resource again – invest just $29 once and host all your videos – have them filed for easy access – create sales letters that have the buy button pop up when you want it to (dramatically increases conversions) and so much more!

See for yourself here

I feel sorry for the folks on this person’s list, cuz they are gonna pay double when they don’t have to, and they are being mistreated…
Thanks for being a part of my community, and I promise I will continue to take great care of ya…

Go Get THIS Stuff!
Go Use THIS Stuff!

~ Jeff “I’ll Always Treat You Right” Herring

PS – this PS left intentionally blank

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