What Do You & Diapers.com Have in Common?

article marketing, jeff herring, brandingWhat’s the “catch phrase” or slogan for your business?

I was out walking Buddy the Internet Dog the other day and came upon this box on the curb, put out for trash collection. Notice the catch phrase:

“We deliver everything but the baby”

You just gotta love that one! (Please ignore Buddy’s editorial contribution.)

A catch phrase helps brand you and make you memorable. Just yesterday I was buying some vanilla bean ice cream and had it narrowed down to 2 brands. I went with Blue Bell because I remembered one of their old slogans – “We eat all we can and then sell the rest.”

So my question for today is how can you create a catchy slogan for what you do that will stick in the mind of your prospect?

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  • LOL I can't believe diapers.com tweeted U a response… too funny…!

    Sooo… eating ice cream while I'm gone!? No Fair!

    PS I reallly like the catchy slogan for our upcoming launch….!

  • This has got me thinking about creating a slogan for my own website now – thanks Jeff. I like your GUTS (strange thing to say, that) – I'm also now thinking about ice cream when I don't want to. Hope they've left some for me. That's a pic for Buddy's photo album for sure. Humour's a good attractor, isn't it?

  • Dr Robert H Schwenk

    Reply Reply

    Love the idea from the diaper box and your "repurposing" it to make your point. Brilliant.

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