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Master Quick Profitable Video Creation this Weekend
The focus of this Webinar Weekend is Video!
My suggestion: while others are out blowing their money, you can be discovering how to increase your income with video…

And for each webinar you get:
1) A choice of date and time, and,

2) I’ll be live in the background to answer your questions from the drop down box below your webinar screen.

Be sure to keep your email open because that’s where my answers will come.

Also, I’ll be on the Appalachian Trail most of Saturday so if I don’t answer your questions right away, I promise Ill answer them before my head hits the pillow each night 🙂
Here’s the line-up:
How I Turn My Articles & Blog Posts into Profitable Videos FAST!”

It’s really amazing how fast you can covert your articles, blog posts, Social Media updates, and virtually any written words into powerful traffic pulling videos…
This has truly revolutionized my video output…
“How to Create Great Video with Just Your iPad/iPhone” – See more at: http:/Choose your date and time hereherring.com/how-to-create-great-video-with-just-your-ipadiphone/#sthash.1jGn9YAu.dpuf
“How to Create Great Video with Just Your iPad/iPhone”
Discover how to make professional looking TV quality videos with just your iPad/iPhone and a few cheap apps. Mike Stewart is a GENIUS at this, and I want you to learn from him!
And I look forward to seeing you this weekend!
~ Jeff
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