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5 Proven Time-Tested Marketing Tips & Tricks to Get More Traffic, More Visibility and More Sales

Jeff Herring & Jim Edwards - The Content Duo - bring you a special webinar that will change the way you do Content Marketing forever!

That is, if you want more subscribers and more sales...

AND if you want an "unfair advantage."

AND if you want to create unlimited blog posts, articles, social media, videos and more with out doing any real work...

Registration here!

August 20 - 4 pm  ET


Get the course that got me unstuck and profitable with creating Amazon Kindle Books!
~ from Geoff Shaw

KINDLING - The Best Kindle Training Membership EVER!

I once spent $1500 on a course to create Kindle books and all I got was stuck.

Geoff Shaw's "Kindling" got me unstuck - one of the best things about this course is Geoff gets you to create and publish your first (or next) Kindle book right away, which is a huge momentum builder.

Plus, you get his email address and he answers your questions!

BONUS => 3 Follow up webinars with me to help you do this right! Plus we'll take all your questions, send them to Geoff Shaw and he'll record an audio with the answers!