[VIDEO] Social Marketing Productivity Tips – The Power of AI – Auto-Integration

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Jeff Herring

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  • Thanks Jeff, not only useful stuff but I love your delivery too. Will you be showing us more on how to connect all the sites for AI uses?

  • Ann-Michele Timmerman

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    (Of course as a former farm girl, my first connection to the acronym AI is Artificial Insemination…LOL…).

    While I haven’t yet mastered the power of Social Media being fairly new with my online presence, I will say that I appreciate both this video and the one you and Maritza did on one of your other sites with respect to AI!

    Fantastic teachings that will make so many of our lives so much easier! Truth be told, I haven’t read this advice anywhere else stated as explicitly as you and Maritza state it.

    So I merely wanted to say thank you so much for your ongoing priceless and comprehensive social media tips…

    Social media is currently such an amazing opportunity for all of us online marketers and would seem to be overtaking ezines…I try to imagine what the next techno-trend will be and how I may be able to hop that bandwagon early!


  • One of my productivity tips is to do things in batches. I will sit down and come up with draft titles for 5 – 6 articles and then insert 4 or 5 bullet points in each. That way when I sit down first thing each morning for my 15 minutes of writing something is already there to get working on! HMMMM I wonder where I learned that one from *JEFF*!!

    I also apply the same principle to my Monday Pick Me Up blog post, I would normally do 4 or 5 at a time.

    And AGAIN I do the same thing with Twitter and and Facebook.

    Me Thinks I see a pattern here! LOL

    Thanks Jeff for that original advice, I see as I have typed this that it really can be applied all over the place

  • Cindy Seipel

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    I have spent most of today working between setting up Facebook fan pages, Twitter, and connecting my blog into them. Also working with meetup.com and merchantcircle.com. It has been time consuming and a little overwhelming, but I must say I was giddy like a little kid at Christmas when I saw the post to my blog show up on the Facebook and Twitter profiles! I managed to get everything cross-referencing so you can make that web presence without so much effort. Technology is great when it works. Thanks for all of your valuable tips and encouragement.

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