VIDEO – How to Make Your Title Count for More Article Traffic

Here’s a short 3 minute video on
How to Make Your Article Title
Count for More Article Traffic

After watching the video, your comments are always welcome –
tell everyone what you learned and share your tips!


  • Great video… I definitely would have thought your example article title was good. Thanks for pointing out the first four words tip… I'm about to write my article for today to post to several different directories, so thank you!

    PS I looove your new video player, looks great!

  • Hi Jeff

    Just wanted to share that my top article at ezine is Career Change Ideas – 7 Ways To Find Out What You Really Want To Do. Currently on 3649 views and 777 click throughs and still climbing!

    All thanks to you, Jeff.

    So as the master himself might say – go use this stuff, folks. It works!


  • That's it I've got to go through my post headings and reverse most of them! I will remember this tip. I will remember this tip. Thanks Jeff!

  • dr jim sellner

    Reply Reply

    Re: Carl. ditto ditto i will do this stuff i will do this stuff . . . thanks for the pointers, jeff.
    dr jim sellner, PhD, DipC.

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