Twitter Updates for 2010-08-19

  • @pat_lorna -YES! that is the first of 5 i am talkingabout! THX #
  • #NAMS in 2 Days! ‘NUFF SAID… #
  • RT @BlogSquad: #NAMS Save Kids Lives with this huge jv/give-away event launching 8/20. Sign-up Here: #
  • ATTENTION @DanRMorris ATTENTION @DanRMorris – #NAMS 4 is NOT a “clothing optional” event… #
  • @DanRMorris
    @JeffHerring I’ve got the clothes in car. I’ve got car in parking lot and the keys in my pocket. #NAMS <= good plan 😉 in reply to DanRMorris #
  • #NAMS Driving down to hotel late tonight for Thursday MasterMind Day with 5 of our top SMB students – see ya’ll soon! #
  • @LuzMarinaLuna We’ll see you Friday at #NAMS 4! in reply to LuzMarinaLuna #
  • Please name me one, just one, other seminar besides #NAMS that generates this much excitement between meetings and days before #
  • Get ready to take Massive Action on the Mindset Tools I’m going to deliver Friday morning at #NAMS 4 – “The #BRAAVO Mindset Method” #
  • @reginasmola @JeffHerring @MaritzaParra Looking forward to Monday’s class! #nams <= We are too! Still room at in reply to reginasmola #
  • RT @reginasmola: I’m packing/getting ready for flight in AM Can’t wait to meet every1
    #nams <= I may bow at yr feet for saving my blog… #
  • #NAMS – settled in hotel room – looking forward to working with 5 winners of our video content for small MasterMind Group in the morning… #

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