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How to Leverage One Social Media Site For a Flood of Traffic

If you are not using Twitter to drive traffic to your websites, blogs, and articles then you are missing out on a great tool and leaving tons of traffic on the table. And traffic properly handled turns into profits.

So let’s take a closer look at how to leverage Twitter to drive tons of traffic to your articles, whether your content is on your website, blog, or an Article Directory.

7 Steps to a Ton of Traffic

Step 1 – Tweet that you are working on a new piece of content. Include the working title and when you expect to have it done by. This builds the anticipation in your followers and puts a bit a pressure on you to get in done.

Step 2 – When you submit your article to a Directory, let your Twitter followers know your new content has been submitted. Include the title, and let them know when you think the article will be out by. This continues to build anticipation.

Step 3 – When you set up your account at EzineArticles correctly, your newly published articles are “auto-tweeted” to and announced on Twitter, including the title and the link. This is done automatically for you. If your article is coming out on another Directory, watch for it’s publication and then tweet that the article is out. Include the title and the link.

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