TWITTER: Nobody Cares?

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twitter, social marketing, social marketing blueprint, jeff herring, maritza parraCould it be true? Nobody cares about what you “tweet” about on Twitter?

Yes, it could be true.

IF you are just blathering uninteresting stuff about your life and not interacting with anyone.

IF you are DMing people with your latest “Mafia Wars” news (do you even HAVE a life?) or giving someone a gift of “Corona” and demanding a gift back (truly bad form).

It’s sad too, because your could be using your Twitter platform to make a difference in the lives of those who want and need to learn from you.

So  then the question becomes “Just what do we tweet about then, Jeff?”

I’m glad you asked. I’ve got a new article out all about what to tweet about. Here’s a hint: It’s all about tweeting about LIFE!

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  • I'd seen a RT about this earlier this morning, even just reading that I knew I agreed with the point, if you're doing it wrong it won't seem worthwhile.

  • Doug Greene

    Reply Reply

    I just had a discussion with a friend about this last night. She doesn’t use any of the social media at all; in fact, she has an aversion to it.

    But IME, the bottomline is that some people DO care. As you’ve always said, Jeff, it’s in the relationship. People who care … you’ll care about. People that don’t care … you probably won’t.


  • Hi Jeff, thanks for the post. Yes I am a marketer too but I do actually enjoy providing what I consider valuable content, information that could help someone, usually 3 to 1 in my tweets. I don't even look at DMs anymore. Some days I wonder "where have all the real people gone." Great subject-Great post. I'm off to get some free video training.

  • Jeff – I most certainly will NOT wear that T-Shirt because I believe people DO CARE about what is said on Twitter. I know, I know, there are those who say, "I don't care what you had for breakfast." but sometimes I even get great food inspiration from Twitter. The beautiful part about Twitter? If you don't care, the breakfast details will flow away, usually within seconds, so you can erase the information from your mind.

    All kidding aside, I'm obviously I'm a big fan of Twitter. I use it to connect, laugh, drive web traffic, share links, get help and just chat. I find it to be a great way for people to get to know me and me to get to know them, both business and personal relationships have started on Twitter.

    Tweet ya later! @ArtistTaraReed

    Tara Reed

  • Good article and makes good sense. That mafia war thing gets annoying, along with farms, candy shops and aquariums. If you want some real life doggie info visit me.

    Sheltie Guy

  • Loved your article Jeff. I have found Twitter to be so worth while. Just watching all the RT's and mentions go by really makes my day and you are so right, we need only tweet about LIFE. What could be better than that? Enjoy your day. Veronica PS. Am enjoying your Article Marketing Teleseminar Club

  • This is an "oh, so true!" article. I just started using social media, including Twitter, and it has increase my traffic immensely! Really enjoy your articles and expertise. Keep up the good work.

  • Gilles

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    Hey Jeff!
    Great article. I was starting to wonder about Twitter. All I see on there are people who are trying to promote fast/easy online business, marketing for the sake of marketing. But there are those who do catch my attention…those who do exactly what you are talking about in your article – L.I.F.E. Thanks for sharing your insight.
    I will follow you if you follow me: GillesLHeureux on Twitter…

  • All good stuff as usual. Thanks for the insight

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Kyle – good point – if you are doing it wrong it won't seem worthwhile….

    Gilles – L.I.F.E. works, thanks!

  • Karen

    Reply Reply

    Hallelujah and AMEN!! So many vapid tweets so little time. Perhaps with an army of us all with the same reality check message we can use Twitter as it's used best – as an online live event in 140 characters or less. Getting to know others and conversing! What a concept. I have to say, I was so sick of Mafia Wars, gifts, and Corona I checked out for awhile, wondering if it was worth my time. I'm now re-inspired to tweet. See ya on Twitter – karenfrank43

  • I try to follow people with my same interests and it is great to have exchanges with value to all of us. It is also fun to just tweet about such things as our 4-5 ft snowfall the past 3 days which knocked out our power, internet, and TV. What do I do for fun then??? Good thing I'm married. LOL Great article as always and so true.

  • Jeff,
    I would wear it just to see how people would react and what they would say. However, living here in Thailand I doubt I would get much of a reaction unless someone liked the design.


  • Jenni Wright

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    I am loathe to follow someone who just keeps posting things like – get rich on twitter, follow this link – and they post over and over again. Good twittering is about interest and giving more than you get.

  • Jenni Wright

    Reply Reply

    And those people who accept an invitation to connect by robot! I really dislike that, especially when it contains advertising only.

  • Thanks for the info. Jeff. Great article.

  • Excellent Article as usual Jeff. I actually found you via Twitter just because of "LIFE". You were tweeting about something I was interested in, article marketing. I had been writing articles and getting no where until I took your teleseminar, thanks so very much.

  • Thanks for writing about this Jeff. I have a twitter account, but have been wondering just what to tweet about. Or should I just have my twitter account mirror my blog content (on Facebook too)?

  • I'm really glad to come across with.
    Thanks for ability to hear and to watch. You both are superb 🙂
    I've found your L.I.F.E. rules well acceptable and going to apply them for.

    Wish you love,
    George B.

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Karen – glad to see you back. Don't let those "Twits" get you down, ok?


  • Jo Morris

    Reply Reply

    Like many others who have commented before me i am glad i took 5 minutes to read this article. It's stuff that of course we already know but for some reason do not use. I have a new organized feel about my twittering now so a mighty big thank you from me.

  • Bad news, gang. Twitter was designed for real people to make inane tweets. The social commentaries and movements to change the world came along later and essentially took over Twitter from its original design. Nonetheless, you can have many alleged followers and be ignored. And people decide they're too grown up to "tweet" and get lives, so you lose followers.

    Be honest. If you have hundreds or even thousands of followers, do you really give a rat's tail about what people are saying? Didn't think so. Nobody cares.

  • The title pretty a lot says it all.

  • Janeen Cohill

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