Twitter Marketing – Which of These 3 Avoidable Deadly Mistakes Are You Making in Social Marketing?

Do you make any of the top 3 deadly Twitter marketing mistakes? Read on to discover these mistakes and what to do instead so you can become a Twitter Rock Star.

Twitter is a great way to use Social Media Marketing to build visibility, grow your list and make profits. But you gotta know how to do it right.

I see newbies and even experienced marketers alike making the same three deadly yet avoidable mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at these mistakes and what to do instead. If you see yourself in any of the 3 avoidable deadly mistakes, don’t panic. Be glad you discovered the mistake and what to do about it, and then change your course. Don’t sit around pining over your mistakes and get stuck there. Just change your strategies and move forward.

Mistake 1 – Begin with marketing – This applies to those who are just starting out on Twitter as well as how to start every day on Twitter. When you are just starting out, focus on relationships and building connections, as well as being visible. Think of it this way: you have to earn the right to market. You earn the right to market by being sociable. After you have spent time building relationships, then you can market, drive traffic, build your list and even make sales from Twitter. Always think relationship first.

Start out each day on Twitter by being sociable. How would you like it if your spouse started to market you first thing in the morning before ever saying good morning? Exactly.

Mistake 2 – Being serious all the time – I see so many people tweet like they are presenting a paper at an international conference. While you do want to be serious about what you do, you also want to add a little fun as well. Let your personality show. This goes a long way it helping people to know, like and trust you. Who do you like to be friends with? Those who are serious all the time or those that have an engaging personality and are not afraid to show it in any situation?

Mistake 3 – Don’t get involved in conversations/community – I call this being a “hit & run” tweeter. These folks come in, dump their message, (usually a marketing message) and then they are gone. Big mistake. Become involved in discussions, answer questions, become a recognized part of the community.

You can take about anything. Recently I used a quote from M*A*S*H and got into a coversation with someone about the characters from the show. Simple relationship building.

And you don’t have to get on a plane or drive across town to do it.

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