Twitter & Facebook Mistakes (and what to do instead)

We all make mistakes in our marketing. It’s a big club and the only requirement for membership is to be have a business online.

At the same time, it’s seem easier to make mistakes in Social Marketing than in other forms of marketing. I think this is because Social Marketing is such a new frontier we are still making it up as we go along.

I’ve identified a few common mistakes on Twitter and Facebook and share them with you below. Even more importantly, I’ve included what to do instead:

Twitter Marketing – Which of These 3 Avoidable Deadly Mistakes Are You Making in Social Marketing?

Do you make any of the top 3 deadly Twitter marketing mistakes? Read on to discover these mistakes and what to do instead so you can become a Twitter Rock Star.

Twitter is a great way to use Social Media Marketing to build visibility, grow your list and make profits. But you gotta know how to do it right.

I see newbies and even experienced marketers alike making the same three deadly, yet avoidable mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at these mistakes and what to do instead. Click here to read the entire article.

Facebook Tips – Are You Making Any of These 3 Deadly Social Marketing Mistakes on Facebook?

Facebook is a great Social Marketing tool to use to build your connections and your brand. At the same time, I see so many beginners and even veterans making the same mistakes that sabotage their marketing on Facebook.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 biggest mistakes and what to do instead. Click here to read the entire article.

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  • Great information Jeff as always. I really need to get my Facebook fan page going. Haven't done one yet. Thanks for the advice. I look forward to your always useable content. Thanks so much.

  • Jeff – thanks for this one. I have to say that of the many emails that come into my 'marketing' in box everyday I take particular note of yours, partly because you are a master of compelling email subject lines. Not to mention that the content is invariably anything from useful to GREAT.

    + I took your article marketing course last year. I don't think I ever really thanked you. So, thank you. I appreciate what you do, and how you do it. Caitriona Reed

  • Thanks for the Facebook fan page info. Great info, Jeff.

  • Thanks Jeff, you always post such valuable information that one can put into play immediately. THANKS I love the way you have conncected your blog to your account at Ezine Articles, will have to put that one into practice myself.

  • Krista Bloom, Ph.D.

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    You bring out some excellent points about building relationships and sharing rather than the "hit and run" marketing which is annoying! I love the new blog also! Keep up the great work. You are truly inspiring.

  • Julia Kline

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    Liked point #3 in the Facebook article about fan page vs personal page. So many marketers are now wrestling with what to do about this one, because we have all gone down the same path. And we're all now feeling our way through what to do next, as Facebook continues to evolve. I did a short 4-min video for my subscribers with 2 strategies for adding fans, 2 of which are about moving friends into your fan page. would love to hear your thoughts.

  • I am truly glad I found your blog, Jeff. I found it via @JoeMarsh on Twitter. Very informative. Thanks a lot! I like your logo "Go use this stuff." That's what really counts.

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