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One of the first things I learned on the Internet was this:

“Don’t chase after traffic. Find out where the traffic is going and get in front of it.”

I really took that to heart, and have spent the last 4 years in hot pursuit of as many ways to “get in front of traffic” as I could find.

That pursuit led me first to Article Marketing, which is still the absolutely best free source of traffic & lead generation, and is much better that most paid sources of traffic & leads.

And then a natural outgrowth of that pursuit and of Article Marketing led me to Social Marketing, where you can get in front of where the traffic is going, and then re-direct it exactly where you want it to go.

This system works so well that I recently survived and even thrived through “the Google Kiss of Death.” It seems that someone did not like it that my blog was ranked #1 in Google for Article Marketing, so they falsely reported that pharmaceutical spam ads were being sent from my blog, (of course, not happening) and Google completely dropped me.

Not a good thing…

But here is The Good Thing – not only did my traffic and leads not suffer as a result, because of the system I created using Article Marketing & Social Marketing, my traffic & leads continued to improve.

(By the way, this blog is currently climbing back up Google for the keyword phrase Article Marketing, thanks to a stellar team who got really pissed off and took what happened very personally.)

While it’s nice to be climbing back up the charts at Google, it’s really not necessary, as my business was never dependent on my Google ranking, thanks to my Social Article Marketing System.

While I do have a Brand New Course coming out very soon that teaches this system, I’ll be doing a Free TeleSeminar about it this Thursday October 21st, and I’ve arranged to present the teleseminar at 2 different times, 4 pm and 9 pm Eastern Time, so as to better accommodate our world wide audience…

You can click here to register and get all the details…

This system is easy to learn, easy to use, and much of it can be automated – so join us this Thursday to discover how to dramatically increase your traffic and leads…

~ Jeff

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