Traffic Building With Social Marketing – How to Create Endless Waves of Traffic With Twitter

endless wavesTraffic building and traffic generation just got a whole lot easier with the popularity of Twitter. It’s amazing to me that more folks don’t utilize Twitter to drive traffic.

Twitter is not just a place to build relationships, though I believe you should do that first. After you have built relationships, there are many strategies your can use to get traffic from Twitter.

Here are a few strategies you can use:

  • Set up your Word Press Blog so that every new post on your blog is announced on Twitter. Once you set this up it will work automatically each time you have a new blog post and drive traffic back to your blog.
  • And don’t stop with just the automated notice. Continue to follow up the automated notice with invitations of your own. Use a quote from your blog post on Twitter and then include the link to your blog. Ask “Have You Seen This Yet?” and provide a link to your blog. Feature one of the benefits of reading your blog post and then provide a link to your blog.
  • Set up your account to “auto-tweet” an announcement of each new article you have published with a link to your article. When this article is published, an announcement will be automatically sent to my Twitter account while I do other things. This will happen for each of your articles once you have set this up.
  • Then follow up the auto-tweet with your own invitations to read your article. Quote your own article and provide a link to the article. Refer to your article in answer to questions about your niche area. Refer to a benefit of reading the article and show them how to go read it.
  • Did you know that you can set up your YouTube account to announce on Twitter each time you have added a new video? This is really powerful because video gets someone’s attention so much faster than anything else these days.
  • After the automatic announcement, once again, follow up. This is good because people come in and out of Twitter all day long, so you wll be able to catch more people by following up at different times of day. I’ll often tweet ” I just uploaded a new video for you that answers the question…..” and then provide a link to the video.

When you implement these strategies there is just one more thing I want you to do – get ready for the flood of traffic that will be coming your way.


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