Top 7 Questions (some serious) About Social Marketing Blueprint

social marketing blueprint, traffic and profits, jeff herring, maritza parra

Here are the Top 7 Questions we have been asked this week during the launch of Social Marketing Blueprint

social marketing blueprint, traffic and profits, jeff herring, maritza parra

1. I love your program but I’m not sure this is the right time for me – will you be offering it again?

SMB Fact: Yes, we will be relaunching this again sometime after the first of the year. But this is the best time to get in because:

=> Next time the Q & A TeleSeminars will not be live.

=> Next time we cannot guarantee the same Bonus Faculty.

=> Next time the price will be significantly higher – 50 – 100% higher.

2. Is it true that each of your Video Modules will only be available for 48 hours?

SMB Fact: We have no idea where that rumor got started. Once it is up, each Video Module will be available to you permanently.

3. Why are you delivering each Module one at a time instead of all at once?

SMB Fact: We have found through our own experience, that of our students and members, and from our extensive surveys, that when you deliver a multi-Module course all at once, it significantly reduces the long term success of the students AND significantly raises the likelihood of the course being put on the shelf to become just another piece of “shelf help” collecting dust.

We want more than that for you, which is why you get one Module at a time so you can begin to master it and integrate it into your Social Marketing Blueprint. And then another. And then another.

4. Once the course is over, how long will we have access to the Videos, Audios, Transcripts and Bonuses?

SMB Fact: As long as you are a member in good standing, you have life time access to everything in your Member’s Area AND can come back each time we offer the course at no cost.

5. Were those real guns you were using in the Free Video Training Series about focus? Did anyone complain about it?

SMB Fact: Yes those were real Glocks at a real local shooting range. And yes real paper targets were harmed in the making of the video. We have not received any complaints yet, and I say yet because you always get some complaints when you do something this big. It’s part of the territory…

6. Do you really think that email will be obsolete in the next few years? I mean, this is an email right, and I’m reading it…

SMB Fact: Yes you are, and we are grateful! But Gen Y & Gen Z consider email dead. It’s dying away for users who consider it a spam filled annoyance. Social marketing sites & blogs have overtaken email as preferred medium of online communication. (Nielsen) As recently as yesterday (10/29/09) Gen. Colin Powell, at a conference on leadership, said that Facebook and Twitter were the new email.

7. I know this is asking a lot, but is there any way to get a tiny look at what the Member’s Area looks like?

SMB Fact: We think that is a great question and a great idea, and have created a video just for your question. Plus we will be showing you in the course how to create video just like this one! Check it out at:

That’s it! And if you have any more questions send them to

We love hearing from you…

Jeff & Maritza

P.S. There is no P.S. as this post is long enough already…

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