They take their Ping-Pong seriously here…

They take their Ping-Pong very seriously here. This is an official Ping-Pong Cage Match here in Cumming, GA.

Ping-Pong to the last man standing…

Actually, this is the Ping-Pong and Arcade Room at Norman’s Landing Seafood Restaurant. They have raised over 3 quarters of a million dollars for charity in this room thru donations and competitions.

It just happens to be sectioned off on two sides by hard wire mesh, giving it the “Cage Match” look.

On the counter at the bottom of the picture, they have a bowl of those really good after dinner mints. I left an entire large to go cup of sweet tea there once when I stopped to get some mints. Looks like someone left a baby bottle for this picture.

Marketing Lesson: This could be just another seafood restaurant but they have set themselves apart in many unique ways.

What unique strategies and benefits can you add to set your business apart?

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