The Video Begins with No Picture & No Sound…

Check it out at Instant Article Creation Templates 2.0.

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Jeff Herring

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks. I absolutely love this 3 + 3 article template tip. I average writing 2 to 3 articles a day. I think with this technique, I can up the anty and write 4 to 5 articles a day. Thanks again.

    Charles Prosper

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Charles – I love it that you are doing 3 – 5 articles a day – bet the traffic is rolling…

      What are you doing to repurpose them into info products?

  • Very cool attention-getter. Anyway, your ideas are always simple and fabulous. When o when will I start to write and submit my articles?????????Sooooooooooon.
    You used Connie Regan Green's intro music

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Nancy – Thanks!

      On the intro music, ummm, no. While Connie is a former student, that music comes directly from friend and colleague Mike Stewart as one of his original pieces for the Net.

      As to when YOU are gonna start writing articles – that answer is up to you – even if you got the templates mentioned in today's video – it is still up to you – the question to answer is what is stopping you?

  • Jessan Dunn Otis

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    I'm smiling over *here*, as I'm certain the beginning of your video probably made some folks nervous and, perhaps, a tad jittery – all that silence.

    Nevertheless, excellent information, as always; and, thanks for it.

    Dance on…


  • Very catchy way to start the video! REALLY liked it! Always, you're clever, Jeff.

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Thanks, it was a lot of fun to make for you!

  • Bill Blake

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    Very original Idea for the video. Content is good too!

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Thanks Bill!

  • Andrew Poletto

    Reply Reply

    Jeff, I had this same idea (with the typing at the beginning) in one of my TV Production classes in college. I was shot down because it wasn't catchy enough. DUH!!! That's the point! LOVED IT! (wish I would have remembered that one from college!)

  • Hey Jeff, I loved the video! The image of the blinking cursor was powerful for me. Thanks again for your event in Atlanta last weekend. I'm ready to start writing. How do I access the Instant Articlw Template 2.0 program? Hope you have a productive weekend at the NAMS event.

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