The TRUTH About LinkedIn Publishing & Traffic

Finally! The TRUTH about LinkedIn Publishing and Free High Quality Traffic

Recently I was watching a webinar in a which someone who should know better said this:

“You can’t get high quality traffic for free.”

The Reality

The reality is nothing could be further from the truth!

So the person who said this is either:

a) Promoting a paid traffic program, or

b) Just not doing it right…

Doing it right

One of my favorite sources of free high quality traffic is LinkedIn Publishing. With now over 100 articles publishing on LinkedIn Publishing, I can now say this:

“The worst traffic response to one of my LI articles is usually better than the best traffic response from other sources.”



Some of the advantages:

Graphics – You are able to add a header graphic to attract prospects, as well as graphics throughout the article to keep your prospect engaged.

Length – I’ve played with both large and small articles and have yet to find any length restrictions.

Videos – You can add videos to your articles as well, creating a engaging multi-media piece of content.

Links – I love this one – not only can you have links in your Call to Action, you can have links throughout your article.

And this is just skimming the surface of the advantages of publishing on LinkedIn Publishing.

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Take a look at all you’re getting:

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