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I’ve waited long enough…

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You see, for a few months I’ve been considering giving a teleseminar on the Truth About Article Marketing…sort of a “State of the Union Address.”

And now with the changes at Google and all the “sky is falling” drama that comes with it, it’s time to speak out. You see, I’m considered the prime online thought leader about Article Marketing, and at this point it would simply be wrong on my part not to speak out.

There is so much misinformation (even blatant lies) out there that it’s time to set the record straight. I don’t want you to fall for the lies and misinformation out there and be led in the wrong direction. I don’t want you to invest your time, energy and money in the wrong places, be misled and then disappointed.

You can build an entire business around the truth of this stuff, and that’s exactly what I do want for you!

If you are picking up from this email that I am not pleased with what is being said out there, you are right. So not only will I be sharing the Truth About Article Marketing, I’ll be “coming out swinging”,  confronting the misinformation and those responsible, and showing you the reality that will help you.

You’ll also learn exactly what to do now, so that the current changes work for you, and make things even better for you.

So join me this Wednesday Night at 8:30 pm ET for “The Truth About Article Marketing”

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PS – Even if you know you cannot make it at 8:30 ET Wednesday Night, register anyway, so you can be first to get the link to the Audio Replay…

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  • Bill Ray

    Reply Reply

    Article Marketing can be misleading at times, although I am not so sure that it is all bad.

  • Article Marketing has a ton of good stuff and something not so great for most people – it actually takes EFFORT. But, when you really think about it, we all sort of know that anything worth doing takes effort.

    Looking forward to the Truth! 🙂

  • Marla

    Reply Reply

    Was a great call, Jeff – I knew you’d make sense of all these changes for us!

  • Thanks for the great teleseminar tonight. Loved the action guide too. I’m looking forward to too. Wow, loads of great modules and I just love when you share your success secrets with us.

    You always tell me to go use this stuff. When I do, I always see results. Thank you, Jeff!

  • Jeff,
    Is the new Google algorithm still recognizing the links created on article directories like EZA etc?
    So getting your article out to multiple directories still is a valid marketing strategy, correct?

    Mike Saunders, MBA

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