The Trouble With Titles – Discover 3 Title Tweaks So Your Content Sells More (More Prospects Too)

Your content title is the most important part of your content if you want prospects to open, consume, and act on your content. This gets you more opt-in and sales.

And you do want more opt-ins and sales, right?

To help you go further faster, here are 3 powerful tweaks you can make right away to the title of your content.

3 Powerful Content Title Tweaks

Tweak #1 – Have fun with the title – The biggest sin is to be boring.

And guess what? One of the biggest places I see content creators commit the sin of boredom is in the title.

Most titles would best be used as a sleep aide.

You don’t have to let your title be one of them!

Because one of the ways you pay for the sin of boredom is that prospects will not open your content, watch your video, etc.

You want to draw them in from the very beginning.

Example: “Be A Kindle Ninja: 10 Ways To Dominate Your Niche With A Kindle Series”

The mental picture of a Kindle Ninja is fun, and a bit of a pattern break as well.

Tweak #2 – Front Load Keywords – You want keywords in first 4 words of your title. This will increase visibility during searches and get your content in front of more eyes.

Example: “Be A Kindle Ninja: 10 Ways To Dominate Your Niche With A Kindle Series”

So in our example you see the words “kindle” and “kindle ninja” in the first four words of the title.

Which proves that you can please the search engines and your human prospect at the same time. Just takes a little creativity.

Tweak #3 – Clear benefits – Give your prospects clear benefits for consuming your content. You need to answer your prospects objections about why they should stop what they are doing and consume your content.

Example: “Be A Kindle Ninja: 10 Ways To Dominate Your Niche With A Kindle Series”

If you are at all interested in creating your own Kindle Books you are going to be drawn to this title.


Well, not only are you going to discover how to dominate your niche with Kindle, you are going to learn 10 different ways to do it>

Plus there is the implication that you are going to learn how to create a Kindle Series as well.

Not bad for just 14 words, huh?

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