The Pursuit of “Smart Labor”

“Work smarter instead of harder”

We’ve all been told how to do that a million times, right?

Yet so many people are still working harder instead of smarter.

This is a good question to ask yourself here on Labor Day 2012 (at least in The States).

Recently when meeting with a new group of people, we were asked to share our first jobs. With a few misguided exceptions, I’ve never really had a “job.” From cutting lawns at 13 ($5 a pop) to what I do now, I’ve always been blessed to work for myself. Gives you so much freedom, and I can deal with a boss that gets cranky now and then…

So all that to say, I’ve been in a lifelong pursuit of “working smarter instead of harder.” By no means do I have it all figured out.

But I have figured out a system or two  that make it all so much easier.

I’ll be sharing one such system, our Webinar Rebroadcast System (TM), as part of our upcoming webinar “5 Simple Secrets to 6 Figure Webinars: How to Make Big Fast Money with What You Already Know (and put it on Auto-Pilot” coming up on Wednesday Sept. 12 th – get the details and register here, ONLY IF you really want to work smarter instead of harder…

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