The OutTake Cure for Facebook Live Fear

FINALLY! The Perfect Cure for Fear of Messing Up on Facebook Live

I like getting people to smile and laugh in public…

One of my favorite ways lately is when checking out at the grocery store.

When the checkout person asks me:

“Did you find everything OK?”

I like to lean in and whisper conspiratorially:

“Why, are you hiding stuff?”

Always gets a laugh…

I talk with many of my students and members who are hiding from Facebook Live, even though they want all the advantages to build their business.

Sometimes it’s a simple fear of messing up while on camera.

I get that, and I’ve got good news for you.

Let me ask you a question – do you enjoy out takes from TV shows and movies? Stay until after the credits when you go to the movies, just in case there are out takes?

Your mess ups on Facebook Live are out takes your viewers will love. Collect them!

Here’s the tip: When you mess up, repurpose it as a separate video clip you can use to promote your Facebook Live show.

When I first discovered this one I thought maybe I should try to mess up more. Then I realized I do that plenty without trying to mess up.

It does take the pressure off and allows you to look forward to messing up.

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