The One About Christmas Eve…

So one of the interesting things this season is something Jimmy Kimmel has been doing on his late night talk show. He has parents give their kids one Christmas present early and create a video of them opening them and upload it to YouTube. The angle is that the parents are to give their kids a “horrible present” such as a half eaten sandwich, an old banana, etc. It’s called “I Gave My Kid a Horrible Christmas Present.”

Watching the videos is an interesting study in human nature. Some kids are actually offended, or more accurately, their sense of entitlement is offended – see this example =>

Other kids, three siblings, get a bag of carrots, and how they handle it would make any parent proud = >

I think adults are much the same – some folks approach the world with a raging sense of entitlement, are offended when they do not get what they want, and someone must pay!

Others make the very most out of what they have with a sense of gratitude that drives them on to bigger and better.

My belief is that it’s the second group who are much more successful at anything they do in life.

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