The One About Anticipation…

So Christmas is a few days away, and I’m watching the anticipation build for our two sons Jon and Caleb, and our nieces and nephews, Rafael, Victoria and Alejandro (and for all the adults too).

Anticipation is fun to watch, share in and experience…

This kind of excited anticipation does not have to come just once a year. I decided a long time ago to set up my life with lots to look forward to, and then decided the same thing with my online business as well.

It’s makes getting up pretty cool on most days.

So here is my question to you: how can you set up your business to look forward to each day with anticipation? How can you build in days of extra-ordinary anticipation?

Don’t miss what is implied in that question: if some days are of extra-ordinary anticipation, that means that most (or all) days come with ordinary anticipation. So set up your days so that your everyday, ordinary anticipation gets you up in the morning like a little kid at Christmas time…

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