The Last Day…

Kind of an ominous sounding title for this post, huh?

What it really means is today is the last day to take advantage of 2 great deals to save some bucks and build your business…

1) Instant Content Creation Templates 2.0

A couple of weeks ago I released the 2.0 version of my Instant Article Creation Templates

Whats been added:

  • 11 new templates,
  • 6 new training videos,
  • 3 new training audios,
  • 3 new bonuses…

And up until tonight at midnight, August 31st, I’ve kept the same $97 price as the original version…

Tonight at midnight it will rise at least $50, perhaps more…

Click here to get your 2.0 version and save at least $50!

2) Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop

The next Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop is here in Atlanta January 29, 2010…

Can you believe there are already 51 56 58 60 67 76 seats sold?

To get an ideal of what this is all about and check out some of the buzz that is still going on 2 weeks after the last seminar, click here and type in #NAMS.

Right now the 3 day workshop is priced at only $197, and will go up $100 at midnight tonight, and will eventually be $697…

My suggestion is to lock in now because the tuition is fully refundable if you decide not to go…so if you are even considering going, then my suggestion is to…

Click here now to lock it in and save $100!

Whatever you decide to do…

Go Use This Stuff!


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  • Rebekah Zobel Jones

    Reply Reply

    Jeff – As you were writing this, I was signing up for NAMS #3! I watched via Twitter as it seemed like 1/2 of my Twitter peeps were all at NAMS #2 and waxing eloquent on the information shared and friendships formed. I'm so excited to be attending in January! Hope to see you there….


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