The Goal of Fear

There was once a traveler on a dark country road late at night, no moon, no stars, full dark.

Except for the car headlights. But they only illuminated the road for several feet…the destination could not be seen.

The traveler in his fear pulled over to the side of the road. While it felt safer, the traveler realized he would never get to his destination sitting by the side of the road.

He decided to trust the little bit of light from his headlights and move forward. And sure enough, as he moved forward, so did his headlights, and he got to his destination, knowing he could do it again…

The goal of fear is to make you ineffective. Make you freeze up. Pull over to the side of the road. Not move. Stay stuck.

The cure for fear is action. Go as far as you can see, even if that is only the next step, because the next step is movement. And because steps taken reveal the next steps. fear, jeff herring, action

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