The Before Picture…

So on Tuesday I went public with a little project we’ve been working on since the beginning of the year: my health!

The first of the year found me creeping back up to 210 – not good.Β  The scale this morning said 194.2 – I’m liking this.

I so appreciate, and am a little overwhelmed by, the outpouring of support and kindred spirits for Tuesday’s post about this journey. Looks like I’ve got more than a few fellow travelers – cool.

Another cool thing is the absolute FREEDOM that comes with going public with this…

I took a big GULP before I hit the publish button on Tuesday’s post – going public really holds you accountable. But I found that it’s very much like “burning your boats” – this now has to work. Kinda cool…

I take another big GULP as I share this before picture with you. These are size 40 jeans, and as you can see, they were uncomfortably tight at the time of this picture. Thejeff herring picture really woke me up…and really motivates me. I’ll never look like that again. Not for me, and not for those who care about me.

(By the way, despite a few requests, there will be NO Speedo photos…never wore ’em, never will!)

So that’s it for today…we are off to the gym. I’ll update this adventure a few times a week, along with all the other good stuff you get here – I appreciate your support!

~ Jeff

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  • Go Jeff! Nothing like making it public to keep you on track, eh? πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the results and thank you so much for sharing and being open to being an inspiration for those of us who could, um use some ‘lifestyle changes’ too. πŸ™‚

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Payson – yes, it’s bit of massive accountability, isn’t it? I’m having fun and looking forward to it.


      ~ Jeff

  • Now this is what I call courage Man! Way to go. Now that you are a slim, trim 53 year old we know you will be with us for a long time to come. Way to go Jeff. Proud of you.

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Thanks Kathleen!

      ~ Jeff

  • Thank you for taking better care of my friend… I like him very much and want him around for many many years.

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      You got it!

      ~ Jeff

  • Penny

    Reply Reply

    Go for it Jeff. I just turned 50 and my niece got a picture of me, only a head shot,but boy, I’ll tell you, that extra weight under the chin really woke me up. Thank God it was only a head shot. I’ll wait until I lose a few lbs before I look at a body picture of myself.

    But thanks for the motivation and the courage.

    Take care, Penny

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Your welcome – let’s go for it!

      ~ Jeff

  • Dear Jeff,

    You inspired me so much with your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable and openly share your story about your personal challenges as you go through the process or learning and growing. As experts, it’s so easy to fall into the temptation of leading other people to believe that we know it all, and that we’ve risen above our challenges but that’s not what makes us relatable or valuable to our clients.

    As a coach and author, my tendency has been to share information and insights with women after I learn them. But I’ve known for awhile that I can truly best serve my clients by being more real and authentic than ever.

    You helped me to realize that I’ve been dragging my heels lately getting back into coaching and article writing because I’ve been getting hung up on presenting myself as The Juicy Woman, inspiring women to live juicy. But I don’t have all the answers, and there’s a lot of stuff that I’m still figuring out for myself, that I continue to work on learning.

    And that means going ever deeper and sharing how to effectively deal with going through the process of all the muck and mire that precedes all the good stuff. With you as my inspiration, I’m going for it. Thank you so much. I love and respect you more than ever for being the best role model of what GUTS is all about!

    Many warm thanks,


    • Jeff Herring

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      Thanks Andrea, and you have made my morning…

      ~ Jeff

  • Tinker Barnett

    Reply Reply

    Truly GUTSY and also powerful because… we can all relate! You are walking the talk!
    (I like the way your face is a bit hidden in the picture, like you could say this is your brother or cousin,,, if you HAD to).

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Thanks Tinker

      ~ Jeff

  • Jeff,

    It’s just too easy for the pounds to creep up on us, especially when we conveniently forget to pay close attention. In my experience, people either are obsessed with the scale or they ignore it entirely, while avoiding full-length mirrors and full-body photos.

    So are you considering re-doing the wedding pictures now? LOL

    Congratulations on taking definitive action! It takes GUTS to deal with our guts.

    All the best,

  • Hi Jeff!
    I had just been thinking I hadn’t seen enough of you lately, and wanted to see more of you.

    Now here you are, threatening we’ll see even less of you!

    Have you peeked at Tim Ferriss’ new book, The 4 Hour Body? Some good tips in there for multiple benefits beyond an enhanced physique!

    All best,

  • Good for you! Going to the gym is a great habit, but not always easy to do. You have truly gotten great results by being persistent!

  • Tom Heitz

    Reply Reply

    Good for you! It just takes committed consistant action, just like article marketing, to achieve the results you desire. My wife just lost 40 lbs and is back to her wedding weight. She is the smokin hot Latina I married 19 years ago.

    Chart your food intake for 30 days to gain an accounting of your habits. At our age, 50 +, I have found food choices have more punch to achieve our desired weight and body shape. Look up “green smoothies”on Google and consider adding that to your diet. I drink about a quart a day and it is loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. I even travel with my blender and whip them up[ on the road like I did today in Minneapolis. Reach out to me and I’ll be glad to share my tips with you. Keep up the great work.


  • Good luck Jeff…

    I’ve found the easiest way it to JUST START! On the other hand, JUST STARTING and getting regimented in also the HARDEST thing!

    My goal is to lose 20 pounds. 10 are gone already due to an unexpected health issue the first part of 2011. NOW that I’m on the mend, I’ve become regimented due to a change in diet ~more healthier eating habits. I DO NOT want those 10 pounds back, so I AM encouraged to be more careful eating, not necessarily a diet, but a change in life style eating!

    10 pounds to go! The scare I got will last me a lifetime, so I guess I’ll be more conscious from here on in. Had not realized how important Fiber and Water were and it got me in trouble! THANK God “the doctor” said it was NOT of the serious kind, but I seem to be on the mend and hoping MY change will cement the healing for good! I’m not sure yet, but each day of progress “builds on the last!” We JUST NEED to KEEP moving forward!

    Congratulations Jeff, for staring BEFORE you had any real problems!


  • Jeff, Rock On! Might discover a new niche too!

  • Whoa Jeff!
    No holding back — you even used a sideways picture!! There’s motivation for ya. And huge amounts of courage. One day soon you’ll be glad you shared this pic so when you have the big reveal of your slender, healthier new self you’ll really be able to see the results. Here are some big pats on the back & lots of encouragement. The only way to go from here is up – er – I mean DOWN!

    Glad to see you’re a man with GUTS. πŸ˜‰

  • Way to go Jeff! When I think of going public with my health goals, I get a little feeling too… like your gulp! As a wellness practitioner, it’s even more of a big deal for me to think about going public. I’ve been losing weight behind the scenes (and gaining a couple of pounds back!) Transparency takes guts….as you indicate.

  • Congrats Jeff on making the commitment!

    You will hardly even recognize yourself in this picture 30-60 days from now πŸ™‚

    Cheers to a healthy you!

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig
    America’s Top Goals Coach

  • WTG Jeff! You’ll do well and look at all the support you have.

    Barb Desmarais

  • Lesley

    Reply Reply

    Good for you Jeff!

    Holding ourselves 100% accountable is such a huge step toward success. No better way to do that than to publicly share the journey.

    I look forward to, and am inspired by, watching your progress over the coming weeks.

    You go Jeff!

  • Bob Crawford

    Reply Reply

    Way to go Jeff! Being honest with ourselves is the beginning of the process of becoming the person that we want to be… whether it is our weight, our health, or any of our goals and dreams. Keep us posted, you know you have a lot of people rooting for you!

  • Elizabeth Barhydt

    Reply Reply

    good job Jeff

    When I see this on men I always ask when is the due date.

    You can do it GUTS

  • David Newby

    Reply Reply

    Best wishes in achieving your goals Jeff. It takes a lot of GUTS to post the ‘Before’ picture. But what greater motivation than going public and having the world expecting to see a change in you? Looking forward to the transformation…


  • I’m so proud of you! And thank you for the encouragement it gives me. I’m working on my weight as well – and writing about it at SandwichINK, of course – you are so right that it really does help hold us accountable! :). But I haven’t been as brave at pictures as you. I’ve been at it for about 6 weeks – using a slightly modified version of the Flat Belly (MUFA foods) diet. Once I realized I was addicted to cashews and gave them up in favor of the Wasa crackers and yummy garlic humuus, I really started to see some great results. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far, so almost as much as you – YAY! My main exercising has been playing tag outside with the grandkids, helping my senior mom a bit with gardening, and a couple of trips to a gym with a friend. Not a lot, but not too bad either.

    And thank you for the interesting talks from NAMS. I’m still working through listening and have learned a lot. πŸ™‚ Have a great and healthy day!

  • Yo Jeff. High five and well done for stepping up and taking care of you. Prayers and blessings for a healthier trimmer you. Its all good. Enjoy and keep the balance.

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