The 5 Step Article Marketing Formula For Powerful List Building

“The money is in the list.” We’ve all heard that one on the internet, right? But just how do you go about building a list that has money in it?

That’s the question I’ll be answering for you in this article, in five powerful steps.

5 Powerful List Building Steps

Step 1 – Your Article – Write a great quality article on a specific topic in your niche that presents and begins to solve a problem. Make sure you give the reader and least one “gold nugget” of information they can take immediate action on.

Step 2 – Your Resource Box – In the resource box, create an invitational call to action that invites the reader to get more information from you. Make it clear what you are offering and the benefits to the reader and provide a link.

Step 3 – Your Opt-in Page – This is where your prospect exchanges their email address for more good information from you. Make sure there is only one option on this page – opt-in or leave. No other links of offers.

Step 4 – Your Follow Up – It’s been said your fortune and future are in the follow up and this is so true. Answer their questions. Ask them questions, so you will know what their struggles are and you can then provide the resources they need.

Step 5 – Your Resources – When you do the first 4 steps you will have a highly responsive and well taken care of list community. Because you have asked what they need help with, you can now offer and provide your resources, also known as products, to help further their goals.


Take great care of your list and they will take great care of you


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