The #1 Profitable Skill Online

Let’s dive in here. Let’s talk about the #1 skill online.

The #1 skill online that’ll allow you to do everything else well is being able to create profitable content at will. Whenever you need to, whenever you want to.

Now anybody can create words, right? I’m talking about creating profitable content that people are eager to consume and act upon. By acting upon they’re joining your list, they’re getting your freebies and they’re buying your stuff.

That folks, is the #1 skill. Why?

The Benefits of the #1 Skill

Here’s what it brings you, and when you get this mindset folks, and when you look at the world and when you look at all the online stuff, through this mindset it will make what you do so much easier.

When you can create profitable content, you can get much more visibility online much more easier. Much more social visibility. You get found more often. My good friend and colleague Denise Wakeman talks about this, you want to hear prospects say:

“I see you everywhere.”

You can do that when you create profitable content.

It also brings you traffic. People find your stuff and it drives traffic to you. You don’t chase after traffic, you find out where the traffic is going, you get your profitable content in front of it and then redirect it to your profit pages, your opt-in pages, your sales pages, etc.

Also being able to build profitable content, you get to build your list very easily. No longer do we have the days, long gone are the days of, here sign up to get my newsletter. Nobody wants that, right? You’ve got to give them something good. Show them, get them a result. Get them a beginning result and then they’re going to want to do more with you. You build your list this way. F

And finally folks when you do this, you make more sales. People get a taste of 2 things that are very important when you can create profitable content.

When you create profitable content on a regular basis, you do 2 things. The 1st thing you do, is you demonstrate to your prospects, how you uniquely approach their problems and challenges. The 2nd thing you do, is you demonstrate how do you uniquely solve their problems and challenges.

You show folks, demonstrate how you uniquely solve their problems and challenges. That builds your list, drives traffic, and people will want to buy from you, because they want your solutions.

Write this down. I want you to take this and run with it from today’s post:

“Your content is their solution.”

Your content, your profitable content, is their solution.

And that’s how being able to create profitable content is the #1 profitable skill online.


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